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John Corr

CEO & Founder, Railz

John’s current focus is enabling wealth managers, private offices & asset managers build $10-50 million Crypto & ICO funds. Over his career, John has worked with CEOs,CFOs,CTOs and boards, at firms such as AXA, Barclays, Citicorp to help clients deliver over $16 billion of shareholder value. More recently he has advised sovereign wealth funds and firms such as BNP, Deutsche Bank and UBS on the potential of Crypto-currencies and Blockchains in the worlds of Asset Management, Capital Markets and IoT. He also advises and assist FinTech and Technology startups on ICOs

John’s mission is to accelerate the realisation of a Machine-to-Machine economy through exploiting Blockchain technology’s ability to connect billions of IoT devices to trade together autonomously in a true ‘peer-to-peer’ basis.



Eric Wall

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project Manager, Cinnober Financial Technology

Eric Wall is a Stockholm-based software engineer, writer and cryptocurrency trader. He works at a world-leading financial IT infrastructure provider as a blockchain & cryptocurrency domain expert and holds a M.Sc.Eng. in Information and Communication Engineering Technologies from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University, where he specialized in blockchain technology. His previous experience spans working as a security expert for the cryptocurrency hedge fund Apollo Capital and as writer of the trading column titled “The Writing on the Wall” on

Florian Schiewald

CFO, Uniti

Florian Schiewald is the CFO of Uniti Sweden, a Swedish electric car-startup from Lund. From the outset the company has had the goal to challenge all conventional ways a mobility company is seen today, including completely new ways of integrating new technologies into the operational model. Florian has been an elementary part of Uniti’s Blockchain efforts from the beginning, exploring various use cases for the long-term use of Blockchain technology within the mobility space as well as the opportunity of an ICO as a viable and sustainable fundraising opportunity.

Phil Millo


Phil Millo is the CEO of MCX, a full-service crypto-structuring firm based in London and Luxembourg. He is a recognised expert in the creation of crypto-based financial products and is named on several patent applications relating to blockchain consensus algorithms. He attends the UK government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and is an adviser to a number of specialist ICOs. He has spent much of the past decade executing advanced fiat structures and advising ultra-large asset managers and sovereigns on alternative assets. A technology leader in the 1990s, he was voted one of the top 100 most important people to have driven the first decade of the commercial internet.

Owen Keane

Advisor Legal & Regulatory, Railz

An experienced corporate, commercial and technology savvy lawyer (Barrister).
Over 15 years experience in providing legal advice to government & businesses, now providing commercially focused legal assistance on Crypto currency and ICO related issues.

Aleksi Grym

Head of Digitalization, Bank of Finland

Leif Cid

Founder, bitcoin Embassy London

Leif Cid is an entrepreneur with experience in multiple industries. Currently, he is working on the Bitcoin Embassy London project – a place for the general public, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs to gather in a physical place. He was born in Communist Cuba before moving to the United State of America as a refugee later joining the US Marines and was in combat during the 1st gulf war. Leif attended Birkbeck, University, London and studied Financial Economics and Psychology.Leif worked as a Runner on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, he also worked as a Trader at Futex Global where he specialized in equity index futures. Managed an internet company in 1998, while in Luxembourg helped investors find tax friendly jurisdictions. Founded and was editor of an online Hedge Fund database and information website.Leif is a libertarian and promotes freedom.  His other interests are Epistemology and Parenting.