Bank & Finans | 8.2.2018 | Birger Jarl konferens, Stockholm


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Anja Ostojic


Doors open, registration and coffee


Moderator’s opening remarks

Lotta Dinkelspiel, Redaktionschef, Affärsvärlden


OPENING KEYNOTE: New banking and credit regulations – how will the Swedish households and companies be affected?

Hans Lindberg, VD, Svenska Bankföreningen


KEYNOTE: Current challenges facing the Swedish financial market

Erik Thedéen,Generaldirektör, Finansinspektionen


CASE STUDY: Danske Bank Open Banking

Lars Sjögren, Global Head of Transaction Banking, Danske Bank


Networking break


Regulatory Outlook

Investment Outlook


KEYNOTE: Trends in regulation that will shape the banking industry in the next 10 years

Daniel Sandmann, Head of Customer Protection, Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Culture, Allianz SE

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KEYNOTE: Outlook on economies & markets

Robert Bergqvist, Chefekonom, SEB



CASE STUDY: MiFID II in Handelsbanken

Johan Lycke, Compliance officer, Capital Markets Compliance, Handelsbanken

KEYNOTE: FinTechs engagement with large financial institutions – EU vision and initiatives

Helen Köpman, Deputy Head of Unity Startups & Innovation, European Commission

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Lunch Break


PSD2 & Open Banking is here: How the Industry is changing, and what market players can do to adapt and become competitive


Daniel Blommé, CEO, Cidestra


Digitalising Promissory Notes for the Mortgage market using Blockchain technology

Göran Almgren, CEO, Enigio Time


CASE STUDY: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/Smart Technology (SmartTech) at BNY Mellon – The journey from zero to 300 bots in 2 years and what have we learned along the way that may just help you.

In the world of intelligent process automation there are hundreds of stories, both good ones and bad ones. It is very easy to be swayed either way depending on your own experiences or just your own education on the topic. During this session you will be given the opportunity to hear the story of one of the largest RPA deployments in the FS industry. BNY Mellon has won formal recognition for their program winning two national awards in innovation and business value. And, returning real financial and non-financial benefits.

You will learn from beginning to end, the milestones of their journey to date and where they are going. Topics such as:

– How and why they selected the RPA vendor they chose

– How and why they built the governance model from day one

– How and why go fast and still be safe is a successful approach

– How they drove change management and some tips and tricks

– What they wish they knew then based on what they know now

– Case studies of successful and unsuccessful projects

Matt Wells, Managing Director, Head of Global Cash Operations, BNY Mellon

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Fireside chat with Nordea

Sofia Ericsson Holm, Head of Open Banking Partners, Nordea


Networking break


Robotics & AI TRENDS

Blockchain TRENDS


CASE STUDY: Nordic’s first AI-Powered Fund

Johan Wahlman, CEO, Head of International Sales, FIM Asset Management Sweden

CASE STUDY: New solutions with blockchain technologies

Kristian Gårder, Head of Digital Banking LCFI, SEB


CASE STUDY: The RPA journey within Nordea

Jakob Westgren, Head of Group Robotics Methodology & Support, Nordea

CASE STUDY: Validating green investments through blockchain technology

Cecilia Repinski, Executive Director, Stockholm Green Digital Finance





CASE STUDY: Cybersecurity in the banking industry

Erik Blomberg, Head of Information- & IT-security, Handelsbanken


Moderator’s closing remarks & end of conference